June 22, 2005

Jumping Tummy

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Watching television in bed tonight and in the peripheral vision, Dad saw the tummy jump… and had to make sure it wasn’t a hiccup. So much for holding a hand on the tummy to try and feel movement, it’s time to just sit back and watch Baby put on a show.

Seriously, Baby is getting stronger and making her presence felt on a more regular schedule.

June 18, 2005

Outlet Mall Shopping

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Today was a trip to Milwaukee to visit a couple of Cheri’s favorite aunts and a cousin in the hospital. On the way we had to stop at the Johnson Creek Outlets. After stops in the Carter’s and Little Ones outlet stores, Baby now officially has all of the newborn clothes that she will need. Cheri even found the “going home” outfit (yes, it’s pink).

The most unexpected event of the day was getting Cheri to set foot inside a Major League Baseball stadium. The Brewers were playing in Toronto, so we took Aunt Judy and Colby to Friday’s in Miller Park. We had a table outside just above the left field wall.

June 17, 2005

Cheri Rocks

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Got a phone call today that Cheri’s new rocking chair had arrived, so date night was transformed into furniture night. Maybe someday a camera will be allowed in the same room as Cheri when she’s rocking.

June 5, 2005

Baby’s First Furniture

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Baby’s first piece of furniture arrived last week. Now the interesting part is it arrived in a box about about a quarter of the finished size weighing 92 pounds.

The instructions estimated the assembly time to be forty minutes. So, of course, it actually took three hours with a screwdriver, rubber mallet and hammer. The best part of any household assembly is the amount of laughter Cheri gets to enjoy.

The top of the dresser will double as a changing table. This piece should last well beyond her first dozen years.

The bed has also been ordered and should be here around the middle of July. Assembly time is anyone’s guess. We also already have a combo bassinet and play yard that wil go in the master bedroom.