February 20, 2006

6 months

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Mackenzie is now 6 months old! We didn’t do much celebrating as Mommy was sick and quarrantined to the guest room. That means Daddy just spent three days playing Mr. Mom. At least we got in the 6-month portrait session.

February 14, 2006

Strolling the Neighborhood

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It hit 53 degrees on Valentines Day, so the whole family was able to take a stroll around the neighborhood. This was Mackenzie’s first long walk outdoors in the stroller as well as her first walk with Bindi.

February 12, 2006

Score the Carrots

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Dunno what the big deal is, but Mackenzie smiled and enjoyed her carrots tonight. I suppose there are mommies out there who will understand and appreciate this fact. We’re now doing twice daily solid food feedings.

February 11, 2006

Such a Big Girl

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Sippy CupThis evening, Mackenzie made serious moves toward Cheri’s soda can. She leaned in toward it multiple times with her hands out and mouth open. So Cheri decided it was time to try a sippy cup with water. Mackenzie took to it immediately, holding it with both hands for several minutes. She’s such a big girl now!

A larger image is in the Feb2006 gallery.

February 8, 2006

Cranky Baby

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Mackenzie can’t seem to go more than a half an hour in activities that just a few days ago entertained her for an hour or more. Cheri says she felt ridges on her lower gum. It might be the early signs of teething.

February 5, 2006

Food Fun

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Squash came out of her nose tonight and there are sweet potatoes in her ears. How’d that happen?

February 4, 2006

Baby Dedication

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The prayer and dedication service was excellent. Our biggest praises are that Mackenzie has been perfectly healthy. God definitely worked miracles to keep Cheri and Mackenzie safe with her complications. She is our little miracle.

Cousins Hank, Sharon, Jenny and Peyton were all there. Pastor Chris commented that he was privileged to know the Diane who contributed her middle name. Mackenzie really liked the music and was enthralled with all of the other people and babies around. Of course, there’s a photo gallery.

February 1, 2006

Baby Dedication is Saturday

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We plan to be at the Blackhawk Church baby dedication service Saturday morning at 10am. Join us if you can.

Sweet Potato Time

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Solid Food!The second real food is sweet potatoes… and today for lunch Cheri fed her both bananas and sweet potatoes. Mackenzie was really surprised when she realized both of these new flavors could be had in the same meal.