August 30, 2006

One Year Check-up

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Had my 1 year check-up yesterday. I now am 15 lbs and 28 & a quarter inches tall, that’s a gain of 2 lbs and 2 inches in 3 months!

Daddy went with us on this visit, he didn’t like the shots either!

August 20, 2006

Daddy took my picture

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August 19, 2006

Kenzie’s 1st Birthday

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Kenzie’s first birthday was like just about any other day, except for presents and a cupcake.

August 18, 2006

Happy 1st Birthday!

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Has it really been a year already?

August 3, 2006


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Mommy gave me mushy beans and I liked them. I have also managed to get her to give me baked potato w/sour cream and stuffing! I like Mommy’s food!

Happy Birthday, Mommy!!!

August 2, 2006


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Mommy told me “no” and I didn’t like it. She hurt my feelings. But I forgave her 5 minutes later.

Busy Baby!

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Mackenzie is really getting around now! She crawls, stands and walks while holding on to furniture. She also loves to dance. Her favorite song is “Jump” by Choo Choo Soul.

She is starting to understand what Mommy says, she knows “Love Mommy (or Bear,Bunny etc.)”, and is starting to learn the word “No” and what it means-she doesn’t like it one bit.

She stacks and unstacks her cups and rings, puts one thing inside of another and likes to play with her 5 in 1 activity cube-it has lots of wooden beads to move around.