April 23, 2007

My new favorite place…

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My new favorite place is my backyard. I have a big space to run and play in and a puppy named Jake that lives next door to tease. I have a swing set that has 2 slides (that my Pop and Memom bought for me) that is really cool! My Daddy and Mommy also bought me a red wagon that has seats in it that I really like – Daddy had to take me out walking in it 3 times yesterday. (Mommy likes the fact that it also has a seat belt to keep me in it!)

April 18, 2007

Guess what I can do!

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While Mommy was making her lunch today, I decided I didn’t want to watch her program on the TV. I grabbed the remote and pushed some buttons in the right order and found my favorite show on the DVR – Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! I was pretty proud of myself, I laughed and laughed.

April 6, 2007

Pink Chevy

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Kenzie now has herself a new ride. It’s a reproduction of a 1955 Chevy in a pedal car. She’s still a bit too short to reach the pedals, but we just had to get a picture with it.

Just like our other cars, this one is used. So Kenzie not only looks sharp sporting her cousin Sarah’s hat, she’s already proving to be a sharp bargain shopper.

Even when Kenzie outgrows this car, it should still make for a nice photo prop.

Memom and Pop are visiting from Tennessee and got to enjoy seeing Kenzie trying to pedal across the studio. Pop even got to ride along when we brought the car home.