June 24, 2007

Been a while…

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There’s little droplets of milk on my laptop keyboard. It’s been too long since that happened!

Cheri and Kenzie got home yesterday afternoon after roughly a month in Louisiana visiting Grandma and other family… and avoiding being home when the new roof goes on.

Kenzie has certainly grown. She runs faster and moves around with much more confidence.

A month ago Kenzie occasionally needed help crossing a swing bridge section of the playground behind our house. Last night she was able to cross it without even slowing down.

It’s good to have them both home!

June 10, 2007

Fun at Grandma’s house

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I have been at my Grandma’s house for the past few weeks. Lot’s of people come over to play with me so I am having lot’s of fun.

I played in my swimming pool for the first time over Memorial Day weekend. Here is a picture of me!