November 8, 2007

First Leaf Pile

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She walked up to the pile of leaves and just instinctively knew to fall into it. Lots of “run, run, run, jump” and big smiles! Click the pic for a video.

November 3, 2007

Star Gazing

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Kenzie had her first ever opportunity for serious star gazing. Since Wisconsin is so far north, daylight lasts until beyond at least bath time. For a while during July, twilight even extends beyond her bed time.

So tonight it was dark enough while we were still outside to lounge in a chair and see at least a few stars. Kenzie pointed out every star she could see and we counted them. By the time we went inside more than a dozen were visible.

Off the road again

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Kenzie and Cheri returned from another road trip … this time to Great-Grandma’s way up in northwest Minnesota. Yes, as far north as we already live, it’s possible to still go “up north.”

Check out this little video clip of Kenzie bopping to the Blues Clues musical movie.