June 23, 2016

Flower Girl!!!

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Last month, Sarah, my cousin, got married! Being the youngest member of the family, I was asked to be the flower girl! the night before the wedding, there was a dinner. I liked Shepard and Ransom, the ring bearers. I was given a basket of purple rose petals, in the middle of the program, I had to leave. I can’t stand in the heat for the whole thing. Afterwards, we had tacos and M&Ms. At the end, we tossed confetti at the bride and groom. It was very fun!

Family Changes

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Hello, I’m sorry about the time spent when we haven’t posted anything, I am now 10 years old. Since the last post, the family has grown a little. Fawn has been the top dog for the past two years. ¬†She looks like a German Shepard and a Corgi had a baby. The Brindle Terrier mix is like a living doorbell. Fawn is a very good companion!

My father’s Carden Photography business has slowed, so he is now working as the Sr. Security Consultant in the Arnett Services Group, selling, supporting, and managing Fortinet.

I am now going to Jack T. Farrar Elementary School. The principle wants 5th grade to come up with a theme for the school year. I don’t know what will happen in September, but I can’t wait to find out!

It has been an exciting adventure!