June 23, 2016

Flower Girl!!!

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Last month, Sarah, my cousin, got married! Being the youngest member of the family, I was asked to be the flower girl! the night before the wedding, there was a dinner. I liked Shepard and Ransom, the ring bearers. I was given a basket of purple rose petals, in the middle of the program, I had to leave. I can’t stand in the heat for the whole thing. Afterwards, we had tacos and M&Ms. At the end, we tossed confetti at the bride and groom. It was very fun!

November 3, 2007

Off the road again

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Kenzie and Cheri returned from another road trip … this time to Great-Grandma’s way up in northwest Minnesota. Yes, as far north as we already live, it’s possible to still go “up north.”

Check out this little video clip of Kenzie bopping to the Blues Clues musical movie.

January 21, 2007

Just a quick FYI

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It is possible to give a baby a bath during halftime.

July 7, 2006

Life of a chair

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Have you ever wondered what happens in the life of a chair? To the left is Cheri with her aunt on Christmas in 1968. To the right is Kenzie in 2006.

Yup, Grandma cried when she saw this.

June 28, 2006

Memom & Pop are here

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The grandparents from Tennessee arrived for a visit.

May 30, 2006

Bath Night

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Last night was bath night and Grandma captured the moment.

Tonight was dinner with cousins Hank and Sharon. Kenzie got to hold a ball that was bigger than she is.

Grandma goes back to Shreveport tomorrow.

May 14, 2006

Happy Mother’s Day

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Happy Mother’s Day to Mommy, Grandma, Memom, Great-Grandmother and Aunt Susan.

Uncle Kevin is the Pastor of First Baptist Church in Aztec, NM. He used Mackenzie’s picture on a postcard to honor and encourage the mothers of his church as well as to provide a visual reminder of Jesus’ teaching in Luke 18:17.

“I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”

March 2, 2006

Over the River and Through the Woods

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Ok, maybe just down the Interstate, but we are gonna cross a few rivers. We’re off to Shreveport to visit Grandma. Kenzie & Mommy will stay most of the month. Dad flies back to Madison on Monday to keep the diaper funds flowing.

February 14, 2006

Strolling the Neighborhood

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It hit 53 degrees on Valentines Day, so the whole family was able to take a stroll around the neighborhood. This was Mackenzie’s first long walk outdoors in the stroller as well as her first walk with Bindi.

February 4, 2006

Baby Dedication

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The prayer and dedication service was excellent. Our biggest praises are that Mackenzie has been perfectly healthy. God definitely worked miracles to keep Cheri and Mackenzie safe with her complications. She is our little miracle.

Cousins Hank, Sharon, Jenny and Peyton were all there. Pastor Chris commented that he was privileged to know the Diane who contributed her middle name. Mackenzie really liked the music and was enthralled with all of the other people and babies around. Of course, there’s a photo gallery.

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