May 10, 2006

Bindi is gone

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Mackenzie won’t be growing up with Bindi.
Last month, Bindi was diagnosed with bone cancer with maybe 2-3 months to live. She has been in pain and rather than let her suffer and potentially endanger Mackenzie, Cheri and I decided it was time to let her go.

This morning, Bindi went to her favorite kennel for what seemed to be a normal play day. After an hour of playtime, Bindi was put to sleep.

Bindi protected Cheri and Mackenzie earlier this year when a stranger decided to walk in the back door with unknown intentions. She was a good girl and will be missed.

Thanks to Walter and Linda at Rose Run Kennel for the care they provided Bindi over her 5 years. Some of Bindi’s things will benefit other Great Danes that are rescued.

February 20, 2006

6 months

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Mackenzie is now 6 months old! We didn’t do much celebrating as Mommy was sick and quarrantined to the guest room. That means Daddy just spent three days playing Mr. Mom. At least we got in the 6-month portrait session.

October 24, 2005

Two Months

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Two months, of course, means more pictures… and the beginning of a gallery that will contain images of Mackenzie at various ages. Bunny will show up as often as possible to help provide a size reference.

Mackenzie is now smiling a bit and even coming close to giggling. Happy time is fun time!

August 8, 2005

Bloody Monday

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The lab somehow did something to Cheri’s morning blood sample which caused them to return for a second sticking in the other arm. Thus morning wasn’t much fun.

The highlight of the day was a surprise visit by a bowl of Laurie’s tortellini salad for lunch. After nearly two weeks of hospital food, a home-made lunch made for a very happy tummy.

Doc dropped by right after dinner to finally meet Dad and have a bit of Q & A. Everything is holding stable at this time. Another ultrasound tomorrow should give everyone another picture (updates asap).

August 5, 2005

Friday was Visitor Day

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It seems today was Visitor Day. The list included Gigi, Joyce and Cindy & Ron. With all the visitors, Dad got the evening at home after dropping off dinner (Cracker Barrel) to unwind and spend time with Bindi.

BTW, the Cardinals beat the Braves.
August 5, 2005

July 16, 2005

Painting Day

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Major thanks to Ben & Gigi for their super assistance painting the nursery. The room is now a lovely Pale Daffodile. For those of you like me, that means a light yellow. Next on the list of things to do… assemble the baby bed.